Precious Metals IRA Custodian: Best IRA Custodian for Precious Metals

Precious Metals IRA Custodian Guide

precious metals custodian

A precious metals ira custodian is a caretaker of precious metals such as gold and silver. IRA custodians for the precious metals take the physical possession of the IRA approved gold and other precious metals on behalf of the account holder. According to IRS, the law authorizes a trustee or custodian to represent a retirement account. Since the physical possession of precious metals is not permitted, an IRA custodian deposits the bullion in a safe storage for the investor. It is just like owning a self-directed gold IRA account but with multiple options. 
Precious metals investing is much of a modern concept in the retirement planning. Today's shivering economy can not be trusted to provide immunization to market failures. If you are really looking forward to investing in gold and other precious metals, you will have to hire a custodian to take for the things. These custodians are entitled to work under approved gold IRA companies and charge flat fees for opening a precious metals IRA account. 

Precious Metals IRA Custodian Fees:

A low-cost IRA custodian for precious metals charges around $140 dollars in the United States. These trustees or custodians work directly with a well-established company. So it is advisable that you should check with the customer care center of an IRA company directly for clarification on fees. According to our reviews of most of the precious metals companies, IRA custodian fees depends upon the amount of investment made on the metals. People tend to buy more with their retirement funds, hence a flat fee does not make a profit to the companies. 

Best IRA Custodian for Precious Metals:

Best ira custodian for precious metals is Regal Assets. The company has ranked #1 on the list of precious metals ira custodians. Regal Assets has received a rare 5-star rating from BBB and AAA ratings from BCA. The company has a well-established portfolio and has featured in several business magazines. We did not find any negative review of the company after crawling the entire
Internet. Even Google could not give us a single negative customer feedback for the company. Regal Assets deals in IRA approved precious metals. This includes:
  1. Gold 
  2. Silver 
  3. Platinum
  4. Palladium
The company provides full liberty in choosing the type of precious metals to the client. Regal Assets has more than 7000 happy and satisfied customers who hold these metals in the retirement portfolio. One of the main advantages of having precious metals in a retirement account is the diversification. As the Warren Buffet said in one of his interviews on CNBC that one should not put all eggs in a single bucket. So, placing all money in the stock market or mutual funds makes the investment more vulnerable to market risks. On the other hand, precious metals provide assured return on investment as they are entirely independent and have a high rate of growth.

Our Verdict on Precious Metals IRA Custodians:

Regal Assets is the best precious metals IRA custodian in the United States as of 2017. The custodian fees are moderate with world class customer care support. Moreover, there are many benefits associated with precious metals investing especially gold.  

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