Gold IRA Rollover Rules, Fees, Companies and Reviews

Gold IRA Rollover Guide:

gold ira rollover guide

Gold IRA Rollover is the process of converting retirement funds into gold bullion. It is possible to buy gold bars or coins for retirement without any penalties. All you have to do is a "Gold IRA Rollover". In a moment or so, we are going to discuss IRA rollover rules and fees associated with it. We will provide a list of gold IRA rollover companies in the United States with full reviews.

Why Perform Gold IRA Rollover?

The mutual funds or stocks are vulnerable to market risks. One must read of the scheme related documents before investing ion such commodities. If you are investing in stock market, what are the odds that the price of shares will rise monotonically till the retirement? You will loose that bet 7 times out of 10. All the investment gurus have given hints on the trembling economy and government's bankruptcy policies. 
A gold IRA is an incredibly safe and diversified option which protects the account holder retirement savings from market risks. The price of gold over the last 5 years has sky-rocketed. The exponential growth in the prices of gold bullion indicates that people are buying precious metals. It has become a trend to include precious metals such as gold and silver in the retirement portfolio for many billionaires.

The Right Time For Gold IRA Rollover?

According to the data of "USGS", there has been a 20% increase in the production of gold coins. This is due to the increased demand of IRA approved gold coins and bullion. No one can predict the advent of the great recession, so this is the right time to invest in gold and rollover an existing IRA account into gold-backed IRA account.  The modern economy is dependent on market forces and business houses and literally, they can not be trusted. People have sensed it. They are pulling off their money from commodities like bonds, debentures, and mutual funds. Only precious metals such as gold are capable of providing secured retirement. Unlike paper currency which needs devaluation on foreign land, gold can be traded easily. It is a symbol of purity and trust all over the globe.

Gold IRA Rollover Rules:

gold ira rollover rules

If you are a U.S citizen, you probably have a traditional IRA account. This type of account is generally named 401k. Employers assign a trustee for a 401k account who makes the decision on behalf of the account holder for the money in the account. The account holder has limited authority and freedom to look into the investment opportunities. Gold IRA account, on the other hand, provides full flexibility and freedom to the investor. There are fundamentally four types of IRA approved precious metals. They are Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. If you want to rollover your existing 401k into gold IRA, then there are various gold coins available for purchase. American Gold Eagle is the favorite one for the native americans.

Gold IRA Rollover Companies:

1. Regal Assets

gold ira rollover companies

Regal Assets is one the best gold IRA rollover companies in 2017. The company has featured in some of the big magazines and networks such as Forbes, Reuters, and CNBC. Regal Assets has never received a negative feedback from the customer over the span of 7 years. The company has received rare 5-stars ratings from TrustFlow. making it the only gold IRA company with such ratings in the United States. It has also received A+ ratings from BBB and AAA ratings from BCA. We highly recommend Regal Assets for the actual rollover of the IRA into physical gold.  

Visit: Regal Assets

2.  Advantage Gold

gold ira rollover companies

Advantage Gold has been in the precious metals industry for 20 years. Their Advisors has helped thousands of clients secure and protect their retirement. The company is unknown for its high-class customer experience and excellent customer care support. They pledge to educate their clients and guide them through the entire process nice and easy. 

3. American Bullion Inc.

gold ira rollover companies

Based in Los Angeles, CA, American Bullion Inc. is among the top rated gold ira companies. They have an excellent storage facility for the precious metals and highly dedicated team of advisors. You will not be disappointed with the tips and tricks they provide to rollover 401k into gold without penalties.

4. GoldSilver

gold ira companies

Founded in 2005 by Mike Maloney, the company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, although the majority of its business transactions are conducted online. The company has built its reputation through numerous happy and satisfied customers. One should consider "GoldSiver" as the second option while choosing the best gold silver IRA companies. 

Visit: GoldSilver


Gold IRA Rollover provides physical gold in the retirement portfolios. This ultimately provides diversity and security to the retirement. Rollover should be carried out with the best company and extreme care. Although physical possession of gold is not possible at home, a gold IRA custodian will provide a storage facility for the precious metals.   

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