Latest Update on Gold IRA and Precious Metals Investing

amazon whole food market

After Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods, the stock market showed a positive sign towards traditional investing. Many investors started purchasing AMZN shares online. This is probably one of the biggest acquisitions of 2017. Jeff Bezos, who owns around 17% of the shares of the company introduced the food based shopping assistant called The Dash. Here is the short promotional video of the Dash.

How does it affect Gold IRA?

Well according to our sources, It is directly associated with the precious metals investing. Since the acquisition has given a positive sign on the stock market exchange, It is very likely that the big investors might wanna stick to traditional investment modes.
Moreover, precious metals IRA such as Gold in the retirement account is more of a over hyped concept now. People are taking more and more interest in retail now. With an excellent track record in e-commerce department, Amazon is more likely to succeed in food market too. The concept of gold IRA rollover made sense during the Barack Obama's retirement. As people were more afraid of the Trump victory and his way of handling the economy, they rushed to convert their paper currency into precious metals.

The Bottom Line:

The gold IRA fear has started to decline in the United States for now. The Trump government is doing great in the capital market and soon the Dollar will shine brighter than the precious metals. Moreover, with Amazon's entering into Food market now, investors are looking with positive hopes for the greater returns. 

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