Gold IRA Investment Trends 2017

I think you will agree with me on this that finding Gold IRA investors is getting harder and harder nowadays. According to the World Gold Council gold market report 2017,  the number of gold investors has increased since 2016 but the buying and selling of the precious metals such as Gold and Silver remained same.

The price of gold is one of many factors of Gold IRA Rollover and there has been slight glitch over the period of time. take a look at the gold price over a range of timeframes.

gold price over a range of timeframes

As a Regal Assets associate, one can be certain about getting less number of leads from the precious metals investors in the United States. 

Political Risk in Europe is the Key:

After Brexit and other political upsurges, Europe has now become a golden place for gold IRA companies to step in. While the UK economy is still expanding, the pound fell sharply following the referendum decision and continues to weaken every time the markets sense that there is an increased chance of a ‘hard’ Brexit.

According to the Report-
In the US, there are positive expectations about the economic proposals of President-elect Donald Trump and his team, but there are also concerns. The US dollar has gained ground since Trump swept to victory last November, but uncertainty is rife. Jim O’Sullivan sees “a meaningful risk that negotiations on trade will turn belligerent" and suggests that “confidence in markets could be affected by geopolitical tensions triggered by the new administration”.
Does that mean, the United States has become a saturated market for precious metals investing? Whatever may be the reason, it is eventually more important for gold IRA companies to start penetrating in U.K market. 

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