Gold IRA Rollover

Gold IRA Rollover Guide

gold IRA rollover guide
Gold IRA Rollover is a fancy name for converting a traditional 401k, either regular or Roth, into gold IRA. If you are thinking of converting your existing IRA plan or planning to invest in precious metals for retirement, you are at the place. This article highlights some of the key features of Gold IRA Rollover and provides complete details of the process. By the end of the article, you will be able to perform the rollover with more confidence.

It is important to note that IRS advises the account holder to rollover a portion of IRA into gold IRA. Since precious metal investing is a great way to step aside from the volatile market, Gold itself is volatile. However, the Gold IRA investment is more profitable as compared to other commodities such as stocks, bonds, real estate, private equity etc.

Many people tend to rollover entire retirement funds into precious metals which is not advisable. According to Warren Buffet, whose net worth as on July 2017 is $73.8 billion, one should not lay all the eggs in one bucket. Diversify your retirement portfolio with physical bullion as well as stock bonds to fully secure the future retirement.

Gold IRA Rollover Rules:

Now, since you have decided to rollover a portion of your 401k into gold IRA, It is time to get introduced to the golden rules. A Gold IRA Rollover is generally performed with the help of a custodian. An IRA-approved gold IRA custodian is a legit entity who supervises the precious metals retirement account. These custodians work under gold IRA companies. 

One can purchase IRA-approved gold coins or bars with the retirement funds. No other forms of physical bullion are sanctioned by the authorities. With a physical asset in your retirement account, you actually hold a physical bullion in hand unlike paper assets in typical investments. Gold IRA custodian is authorized to keep the gold bars and coins in custody on behalf the owner. 

Let's Perform Gold IRA Rollover:

The process starts with filling out an application form for the rollover. This application can be filled online or offline. The application usually takes 48 hours to process. Once it is approved by the Department of Treasury, the custodian is eligible to open a Gold IRA for the owner. 

The 401k custodian and gold IRA custodian will communicate to transfer the funds into the newly opened account as soon as possible. This may take another 24 hours or so. Once the transfer is complete, the custodian introduces the owner to IRA eligible gold coins and bars. The owner has the full freedom to purchase any type of gold coins with the retirement funds

This rollover process is the same as for any other retirement fund whether it is Roth IRA, 401k, 401b or any self-directed retirement account. A custodian is an essential pillar of the rollover. If you have the best custodian, you will be delighted to purchase the precious metals.

Gold IRA Rollover Fees:

Nothing comes for free right? There are some charges included in the rollover process which the account holder has to bear. Fundamentally there are four types of Gold IRA rollover fees involved in the process.
  1. Subscription fee: A subscription fee is the application fee. It is sometimes referred as the seller fees as well. It is a time fee for opting the precious metals investment. 
  2. IRA Setup fee: Closing and opening a new account involves paper work and communication. This uses a lot of resources, the company charges new IRA account setup fee from the clients.
  3. Custodian fee: A custodian is a mandatory entity in the Gold IRA Rollover process. He serves as a constitutional body for the account holder. Some custodians charge flat fees and some calculate on the basis of the investment.
  4. Storage fee: According to IRS rules and regulations, one must deposit the gold coins and bars in the safe custody of custodians or gold IRA company vaults. One can not hold IRA-approved gold at home. Gold IRA companies charge annual fees for the safe storage of the precious metals. 
One can avoid storage charges through Checkbook IRA. It is a type of self-directed retirement account which can be used to hold gold and other precious metals as an investment. Someone with Checkbook IRA can buy Gold Eagles Coins, a U.S. Treasury-minted coin, with their retirement funds and hold them personally at home By this way, one can avoid storage fee charges.

Best Gold IRA Rollover Custodian

By now you must have understood the importance of a gold IRA rollover custodian. A good custodian educates its client on gold IRA investing. He also helps the owner to choose the best precious metal for the retirement which will give more returns in the future. There are many gold IRA custodians in the market who manipulate the clients to buy the metals which bring more commission for the companies. However, after a great market research, I am proud to announce the best gold IRA custodian in 2017. 

Regal Assets: #1 Gold IRA Rollover Custodian

Regal Assets is the top rated gold IRA company in the United States as of 2017. The company received numerous awards for excellence and customer satisfaction in the recent years. Regal Assets Gold IRA Investment guide has been featured in Forbes and has been awarded the best gold investment guide so far.


Gold IRA Rollover is a modern tool to get away from a traditional retirement account. The rise in the price of gold in 2017 is the highest so far over the years. This can be a signal for every investor to step into the world of precious metals investing. As I said earlier, It is advisable to rollover a portion of IRA into gold IRA to diversify the portfolio, you can never master the capital market. Gold seems to be a solid choice for all the future retirees. 

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